We provide information, direction and warnings on particular services that are needed or desired but as a result of their popularity may have also been hijacked by a certain section of the Internet community. Bad advertising is still advertising, so we will not malign those sites we find to be less than forthcoming. In reality there are too many to have to name.  We do intend to praise those that offer products, services and giveaways that are exceptional.

This site was born out of frustration

         While we are more than happy to direct our visitors to free giveaways, we tend to concentrate on the searches that can sometimes prove to be frustrating, time consuming and in many cases saturated with online marketers, misleading advertising and fraud. Take for instance a popular search that will return millions of hits such as “ Online Movies”. In all likelihood, after some time and patience, you will eventually come across what it is you are looking for but your going to have to kiss a lot of toads as you can see on our online movie page.

     Other sections or categories of products and services may not be as prone to abuse but may have so many different players in that particular market that it is difficult to choose those that may best meet your individual needs. We try to concentrate on those areas and provide information and reviews for the various players.

What We Do

            We come at searches from as many angles as possible. We do the legwork to the best of our ability, sometimes to the point of being taken advantage of both monetarily and in the surprisingly frequent times in which we have to clean our system due to malicious content. There is no suspicious link we won't click. Guarantees are checked and multiple e-mail addresses watch for spam to ascertain the specific site that it may have developed from. As well, we constantly checked for any malicious components that may have been downloaded..

     We try out all free trails and will pay smaller upfront fees in order to gain access to sites in order to review and evaluate. Once there has been an adequate amount of research done, general results of the search are posted on the site. We post individual reports for all those we recommend.





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